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Mobile trailer type generator with four wheels soundproof diesel generator

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VANTEK POWER trailer diesel generator set is convenient and reliable. It is an independent, complete power generation device and system. It can be hauled to any construction site by attaching the hooks. It is rainproof, dust-proof, and has good ventilation and heat dissipation. The high-strength structural design can challenge various harsh construction environments. It is mainly used in field construction operations, flood prevention and other industries.

Main Features

● Beautiful appearance, use the movable hooks, flexible steering ensures the safety of driving.

●The size of the car box is determined according to the specification. The operator can walk around, which is convenient for operation and maintenance.

●High quality components from the top international manufactures, with high reliability and perfect performance.

●The four-wheel trailer is equipped with an air brake device, which brakes synchronously with the tractor to ensure safety during driving.

● Suitable for outdoor or mobility work.

● The traction device is installed on the chassis for good balance performance.

● Equipped with warning lights, side lights, fog lights, meet traffic safety standards.

● Equipped with oil filling port, the fuel cap can be locked.

● International warranty service.


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