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VOLVO Open Type Diesel Generator

January 20, 2024 Blog

VOLVO, the largest industrial enterprise in Sweden, is one of the oldest engine manufacturers in the world with more than 100 years developmental history, is the ideal power for generator sets.VOLVO diesel generator set has won the favor of customers around the world in view of its reliable performance, strong power, environmental protection and humanized design.

Features and functions of diesel gen-set powered by VOLVO

1. Power range cover from 69KW to 520KW
2. Fast and reliable cold start performance
3. Excellent and powerful load capacity

-Use turbocharger technology, low engine inertia

-Electronic governor controls fuel injection for quick response

-Minimal recovery time under heavy load

4. Stable power output
5. Reliable and durable operation basic on the high quality components.
6. The engine runs smoothly
7. Small fuel consumption, low operation and maintenance cost
8. Internal noise design to ensure low noise of the engine

-Low noise design

-Excellent cylinder rigidity

-Optimized absorder design

-Accurate and well matched turbocharger

-Low-speed fan

9.Compact structure and portable weight

10.Compared with other brands in the world, gen-set with the same bore / stroke has higher compression ratio and more power output .

11.Perfect operation performance

-Suit for continuous power supply

-Good fuel processes with advanced design

-Low fuel consumption

-Less maintenance requirements, oil filters can be changed in 400 hours

12.Low emissions,economic and environmental protection

13.Global service network and sufficient spare parts supply

14.Use 50℃ water tank to make sure the cooling system can work normally in high temperature situation without power output reduction.


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