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Perkins Marine Type Diesel Generator

  • Description
  • 50Hz/1500rpm
  • 60Hz/1800rpm

Founded in 1932, Perkins is a world-renowned engine manufacturing company, has 3 production bases currently, with an annual output of nearly 400,000 units. Perkins is committed to product quality, environment and economy, strictly implements ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards. The Perkins marine diesel generator sets have the characteristics of high emission standards, high economy, high stability and high reliability. The advantages of economy, reliability and durability have been widely promoted and used in high-speed boats, passenger ships, fishing boats, bulk carriers, ocean fishing vessels, business vessels and engineering vessels etc.

Product advantages

1. Complete product series, wide power coverage, excellent stability and service life, can meet the needs of different customers.

2. Light weight, strong power, much more benefit for energy saving and environmental protection.

3. Independent fuel injection system, low exhaust emission pollution (EFI engine meets Euro III standard), more in accordance with economic and environmental protection trends.

4. The engine uses the latest European and American technology and high-strength wear-resistant materials to ensure first-class quality.

5. Clean, quiet and keep noise level at a minimum.

6. The engine can run for 6,000 hours without failure.

7. Small size, compact structure, beautiful appearance, stable performance, low fuel consumption, convenient for installation and easy for maintenance.

8.Optimal design of vibration reduction system based on computer dynamic simulation.

9. Control strategy of full monitoring system based on reliability design.

10. Excellent performance, stable operation, low vibration, long operating life and long overhaul time.

11. Tailored exhaust silencer system for each unit.

12. Sufficient spare parts and more than 4,000 technical support service outlets around the global.

13. Optimized power and speed are widely applicable to various sizes and types of bulk carriers, container ships, oil tankers and engineering ships etc.

14. High quality components are selected from the top international manufacturers, with high reliability and perfect performance.

Generator spec.Engine Spec.DimensionsWeight
ModelRated powerFrenquency/voltageEngine modelPower/Speed
kWkVAHz/ V
CCFJ10J-WTP101350/400415 GM12.3/15001076*520*700409
CCFJ16J-WTP162050/400422 GM18.4/15001258*500*780512
CCFJ20J-WTP202550/400422 TGM25.2/15001312*560*800545
CCFJ24J-WTP243050/4004.4 GM42.7/15001490*700*920762
CCFJ38J-WTP384850/4004.4 GM42.7151644*700*920859
CCFJ50J-WTP506350/4004.4 TGM56.4/15001644*700*980965
CCFJ65J-WTP648050/4004.4 TWGM75/15001644*760*13401058
Generator spec.Engine Spec.DimensionsWeight
ModelRated powerFrenquency/voltageEngine modelPower/Speed
kWkVAHz/ V
CCFJ12J-WTP12.51660/440415 GM14.7/18001076*520*700409
CCFJ20J-WTP202560/440422 GM22/18001258*500*780512
CCFJ27J-WTP273460/440422 TGM30.3/18001338*560*800558
CCFJ36J-WTP364560/4404.4 GM49.1/18001535*700*920780
CCFJ42J-WTP4252.560/4404.4 GM49.1/18001554*700*920840
CCFJ55J-WTP556960/4404.4 TGM63.6/18001644*700*980960
CCFJ70J-WTP7087.560/4404.4 TWGM82.7/18001689*760*13401020


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