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Camc Silent Type Diesel Generator

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VANTEK POWER CAMC series diesel generator sets adopt advanced arrangements with integral cylinder head, single overhead camshaft with in-cylinder brake, in-line six-cylinder, four-stroke, four-valve, water-cooled wet cylinder liner, rear gear chamber, and select BOSCH company high-pressure common rail fuel injection system, with more advantages like low speed but large torque, low energy consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection, strong power and high reliability. The sets are loved by customers, especially those with strict quality requirements.

Features of CAMC Diesel Generator Set

1.Power range from 180KW to 330KW.

2.With advanced turbocharging and high-pressure electronically controlled injection and calibration technique, much lower fuel consumption.

3.Select helical gear and noise reduction design, lower noise

4.Integrated modular design, lighter weight

5.Small size、low fuel consumption、high accuracy、long service time

6.Low fuel consumption and emissions, low speed but large torque, high reliability and security.

7.Choose advanced structural design and technology、new materials with abrasion resistant and high-temperature resistant performance, optimal cooling and lubricating arrangement, and greatly improved reliability.

8.The fuel system uses high-pressure common rail technology, core indicators such as power performance, fuel economy and emissions meet different power needs of users.

Generator set standard configuration

1.Diesel engine

2.AC synchronous generator (single bearing)

3.Radiator water tank, belt-driven cooling fan, fan safety cover

4.Generation output air switch, standard control screen

5.Steel general bottom frame(including absorber rubber pad)

6.Air filter、diesel filter、oil filter

7.Starting motor and equipped with self-charging generator

8.Start-up battery and the connection cable

9.Industrial high-efficiency silencer and standard connection parts

10.Technical documents: manual of generator set、original technical documents of diesel engine and generator、testing report、original quality documents etc.

ModelPrime Power (KVA/KW)Standby Power (KVA/KW)Engine Model Dimension (MM) Weight ( KG)
TPD225H5225180248198CM6F18F 270 303750×1350×18004200
TPD250H5250200275220CM6F18F 290 303750×1350×18004200
TPD275H5275220303242CM6F18F 310 303750×1350×18004450
TPD300H5300240330264CM6F18F 345 303750×1350×18004450
TPD313H5313250344275CM6F18F 375 303750×1350×18004500
TPD344H5344275278303CM6F18F 420 303750×1350×18004500
TPD375H5375300413330CM6F28F 430 304200×1450×20004980
TPD400H5400320440352CM6F28F 460 304200×1450×20004980
TPD413H5413330453363CM6F28F 480 304200×1450×20004980
ModelPrime Power (KVA/KW)Standby Power (KVA/KW)Engine ModelDimension (MM)Weight (KG)
TPD225H6225180248198CM6F18F 270 303750×1350×18004200
TPD250H6250200275220CM6F18F 290 303750×1350×18004200
TPD275H6275220303242CM6F18F 310 303750×1350×18004450
TPD300H6300240330264CM6F18F 345 303750×1350×18004450
TPD313H6313250344275CM6F18F 375 303750×1350×18004500
TPD344H6344275278303CM6F18F 420 303750×1350×18004500
TPD375H6375300413330CM6F28F 430 304200×1450×20004980
TPD400H6400320440352CM6F28F 460 304200×1450×20004980
TPD413H6413330453363CM6F28F 480 304200×1450×20004980


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