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Deutz Silent Type Diesel Generator

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DEUTZ, founded in 1864 in Cologne Germany, is the oldest independent and the first internal combustion engine manufacturer in the world, is one of the world-class diesel generator manufacturers. As a engine expert, DEUTZ provides water cooled and air cooled engines with power ranging from 25KW to 520KW, mainly used in construction machinery, generator sets, agricultural machinery, commercial vehicles, railway, ships and various professional supporting fields.

DEUTZ diesel generator sets use modular design,have the characteristics of compact structure,excellent power performance and reliability,high universality of parts, easy for replacement and maintenance.It is the ideal supporting power for generator sets. VANTEK POWER has established a long-term business relationship with DEUTZ and can provide different types of generator sets according to customer needs.

Features of DEUTZ diesel generators

1.V-type 8-cylinder, 12-cylinder and 16-cylinder engines with sophisticated technology

2.Single-cylinder four-valve technology

3.The central industrial spark plug is installed on the spark plug seat with enhanced cooling

4.Each ignition coil for each cylinder

5.TEM electronic control system realizes fully automatic control and monitoring of generator set operation

6.Ensure low emissions of harmful substances by controlling the temperature of the combustion chamber

The gen-set advantages

1.Cost-effective investment cost and low operating cost combination

2.Reliable performance and excellent quality

3.Compact structure design, small size, easy for operation and maintenance

4.Low fuel consumption, excellent start performance at low temperature.

5.Apply for various applications,strong environmental adaptability and high reliability

6.Low vibration and low noise

7.Characteristics of environmental protection and energy saving,low emissions,can meet the demanding emission requirements

8.Low maintenance cost,strong load capacity

9.Easy product upgrade: The engine series is highly automated, which brings great convenient to users’ product upgrade.

10.Modular design: The engine uses modular design, so engines with different power contain the same common parts, which reduces the cost of spare parts.

Generator set standard configuration

Direct injection internal combustion engine (diesel)

AC synchronous generator (single bearing)

Radiator water tank, belt-driven cooling fan, fan safety cover

Generation output air switch, standard control screen

Steel general bottom frame(including absorber rubber pad)

Air filter、diesel filter、oil filter

Starting motor and equipped with self-charging generator

Start-up battery and the connection cable

Industrial high-efficiency silencer and standard connection parts

Technical documents: manual of generator set、original technical documents of  diesel engine and generator、testing report、original quality documents etc.

ModelPrime Power (KVA/KW)Standby Power (KVA/KW)Engine ModelDimension (MM)Weight (KG)
TPD20D520162218BFM3 G12150×1000×14401050
TPD30D530243326BFM3 G22150×1000×14401120
TPD75D575608766BF4M2012C G12800×1130×16001400
TPD90D590729979BF4M2012C G22800×1130×16001450
TPD100D51008011088BF4M1013EC G13200×1130×17201720
TPD112D51129012399BF4M1013EC G23200×1130×17201780
TPD160D5160128176140BF6M1013EC G13200×1130×17202200
TPD180D5-1180144198158BF6M1013EC G23600×1330×21902560
TPD188D5-2188150207165BF6M1013FC G23600×1330×21902560
TPD200D5200160220176BF6M1013FC G33600×1330×21902680


Prime Power (KVA/KW)Standby Power (KVA/KW)Engine ModelDimension (MM)Weight (KG)
TPD25D625202822BFM3 G12150×1000×14401050
TPD35D635283931BFM3 G22150×1000×14401120
TPD82D682669072BF4M2012C G12800×1130×16001400
TPD100D61008011088BF4M2012C G22800×1130×16001450
TPD112D61129012399BF4M1013EC G13200×1130×17201720
TPD125D6125100138110BF4M1013EC G23200×1130×17201780
TPD167D6168134185148BF6M1013EC G13200×1130×17202200
TPD200D6200160220176BF6M1013EC G23600×1330×21902560
TPD210D6210168231185BF6M1013FC G23600×1330×21902560
TPD220D6220176242194BF6M1013FC G33600×1330×21902680


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