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Yangdong Silent Type Diesel Generator

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Yangdong Co., Ltd. Is the largest small-bore multi-cylinder diesel engine production base in China now. VANTEK POWER has cooperated with the company for many years, the series diesel gen-sets are renowned for strong power、reliable performance、high cost performance and durable、low vibration and low noise.

Features of Yangdong diesel generator sets

1.Power range from 180KW to 330KW

2.The generator rotor winding copper wire is longer than the common one, the power generation is more sufficient and stable.

3.Select high quality shock absorbers, which can effectively reduce the vibration.

4.Wonderful performance

5.Wonderful performance of rain-proof and dust-proof, good ventilation and heat dissipation, high-strength structural design.challenge in various harsh environments.

6.More durable because of the thick oil tube selection, avoid the oil leakage owing to tubing damage caused by vibration.

7.Low fuel and lubricating oil consumption, low vibration, low noise, strong power and high reliability.

Generator set standard configuration

Industrial water-cooled diesel engine

Single bearing AC synchronous generator, IP23 production, insulation class H

Radiator water tank、belt-driven cooling fan、fan safety cover

Generation output air switch、standard control cabinet

Steel general bottom frame with anti-vibration pad

Dry air filter、fuel filter、lubricating oil filter、starting motor and equipped with self-charging generator

Industrial silencer and standard connection parts

Battery and battery connection cable

Documents: Original technical data of diesel engine、the manual of generator set、testing report etc.

ModelPrime Power (KVA/KW)Standby Power (KVA/KW)Engine ModelDimension (MM)Weight (KG)
ModelPrime Power (KVA/KW)Standby Power (KVA/KW)Engine ModelDimension (MM)Weight (KG)
TPD15Y615121713YD385D 2200×940×1460870
TPD19Y619152117YD480D 2200×940×1460920
TPD23Y623182520YND485D 2200×940×1460970
TPD28Y628223124YSD490D 2200×940×14601020
TPD30Y630243326Y495D 2200×940×14601050
TPD50Y650405544Y4105D 2400×1000×15601250
TPD75Y675608366Y4105ZLD 3000×1240×17601620


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